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Why JOS Cleanroom Repair?

Learn more about us, what we do and how we can help you.

Where we came from

JOS cleanrooms was formed to meet the growing need to provide a cost effective solution to damaged clean room partition systems. The strict requirements the Pharma sector make on quality and reliability are becoming increasingly important.  Achieving the highest standards when repairing these specialised sterile environments has now become instinctive to our highly skilled team.

Meeting highest standards

Meeting these standards on a daily basis in this unique environment reinforces this industry specific skills and keeps the whole team informed of the ever-changing industry standards. By using the most up-to-date methodologies and equipment we can carry out our services more efficiently and to a higher standard than our competitors, saving the main contractor and client time and money.

First time every time

At JOS we focus on the “first time fix” not on how many repairs can be rushed in a period this eradicates the need for repeat repairs and snagging.  Our “first time fix” policy dramatically speeds up handovers allowing the client concentrate on what’s important. Repairs that are not 100% will not remain sterile and can lead to massive delays and unnecessary costs.

Always our own staff

JOS does not employ additional short term staff to increase our short term capacity and therefore will only tender for jobs within our scope this enables us to maintain our high standards.

We understand that our employees are our most important and valuable asset.  Our philosophy is to train our staff to the highest level enabling them to leave JOS and at the same time providing them with terms and conditions so they don’t want to leave. This philosophy has enabled us retain our team maximising efficiencies and ensures our clients always get a first class job.

Repairing Cleanrooms

Many industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and semiconductor manufacturing rely on encompassing their entire manufacturing facilities with in a sterile environment. During construction and operation of the facility the clean room partitions are sometimes damaged and Must be renewed or repaired to ensure the environment is contamination free.  

Control of microorganisms and airborne particles within the clean room facility is critical to the quality of its end product. Very slight scratches, dents or drill holes may hinder this control process rendering the best cleaning practices useless. Depending on the level of damage most damage can be repaired on site.

Repairing the panels is far quicker and cost effective in comparison to removing the entire panel. Repairing the panel in situ also minimises the risk of exposing the controlled environment to dust, microorganisms and other contaminants that may be released during the removal and renewal process of the panels.

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